Town Overview


As of May 22th, 2023

Mayor Maedomari Masato Term: Apr. 16th, 2026
Deputy Mayor Hidefumi Yamashiro Term: May. 21th, 2027

Number of municipal office workers: 150

Assembly Chairman Daiku Kenichi Term: Sep. 27th, 2026
Vice Chairman Mitsumori katsumi Term: Sep. 27th, 2026

Number of assembly seats: 12

Town Emblem

logo Taketomi

The first Chinese character of the town’s emblem is 竹, pronounced tah-kay, which means “bamboo,” which is stylized for the emblem’s design. Bamboo symbolizes the flourishing of the town’s roots, and the circle represents peace and harmony among the townsfolk as well as the town’s continued progress into the future.
Enacted as of Jan. 20th, 1970


Town Mission Statement

-Nature, Culture, Future-
-Conservation of the ecosystem which brings life to the town. (Nature)
-Preservation of its culture, which is breathed into life by the town’s people. (Culture)
-Development of the community in order to take wing into the future. (Future)

The town of Taketomi is immersed in an unparalleled wellspring of life, blessed with a natural ecosystem that thrives alongside the townspeople. It is Japan’s southernmost township, and its forefathers have labored to develop the town while still preserving the natural balance. In order to meet these three core tenets to shape this town into not only Japan’s southernmost town, but also the most renowned for its unbound nature and deep-rooted culture, the following are vital: passing down and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the town’s islands throughout its long history; solidifying the feeling of connectedness in the community; establishing the basis for building not only municipal industries but community as well; and creating access to a wealth of energy to grow and bring the town into the 21st century.

A Nuclear-Free Community Dedicated to Peace

We make this declaration with the hope of eternal harmony for all and affirmation of the rights of all men, women, and children of this world to live in peace.

However, the proliferation of nuclear armaments around the world endangers peace and lives around the world and continually threatens the Earth and all its people.

It is our hope that everyday we may our children smiling as the hard-working men and women of our town strive to give them a better place to live. We wish to keep hearing the voices of young men and women flow through our streets in song while our elders pursue thoughtful tranquility. That is where we stand, watching over the lives and freedom of our people. As it is so for the nation of Japan as a whole, we as a town also embrace our fellow men and women from around the world and call for the immediate, universal disarmament of nuclear weapons worldwide. We hereby declare our town one for the promotion of a peaceful world free of nuclear power or weapons.

Mission Statement for Citizens

We, the people of Taketomi, proudly establish this charter with aspirations of working together to making this town a better place to live.
-We will strive to preserve our traditional culture, and kindly open our arms to all.
-We will follow the rules of our community, and work to maintain a beautiful town and orderly society.
-We will raise the standard for the way we live and deepen our appreciation for education, and work to raise children who can take responsibility for the next generation.
-We will make a peaceful, joyous community in which our youth may pursue their dreams, our elders can live out their days in peace, and health and happiness may fill the lives of our families.
-We will strive to make the most of our islands’ native resources to enrich our economy and bring our culture into the modern world.

Mission statement for Senior Citizens.

In accordance with the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly (1963), we establish this charter to promote senior health and advocate respect for the elderly, while urging the people of the town to support our seniors in pursuing joy and well-being in their own lives.
We will honor longevity so that we may love, appreciate, and better care for the elderly. Furthermore, we will treasure and take care of our health so that we may continue to serve our community and be loved by those within it.

Town Song

Lyrics by Kenko Kayamoto
Composition by Choryo Itosu

  1. South of Okinawa, in the Yaeyama Isles,
    The islands of our birth where the Kuroshio flows.
    Within the raging wind,We can hear as it blows
    The voices of the Gods and the call of our home
    Its history so long,Taketomi-cho.
  2. Breathtaking beauty shining from each isle,
    from Hateruma to Panari and Kuroshima
    Past Taketomi in Hatoma,all the way to Kohama
    As constellation flow,feel the traveler's awe
    In the isles embrace, your heart will melt,Taketomi-cho.
  3. Clouds grow in the East with sunrize,
    The old peaks of Komi are clear against the sky.
    Swells of gold and silver rush into the shore,
    Clear the path to bliss in Iriomote's tor,
    Reavealing this,our rising hope, Taketomi-cho.

To listen to the song, click the Link.