Yubu Island


An Isle in The Shadow of Iriomote Where Waters Are Forded by Ox-Pulled Carts...


 Shallow water stretches between Iriomote and this island, only a meter deep even at high tide.  The island is most iconic for its ox-pulled carts on which tourists can ford the water, an enchantingly fun way of getting around.  With an area of only 0.15 square kilometers, the island is composed entirely of accrued sediment(mostly sand)and digging only a meter and a half down into the soil causes fresh water to well up; a little deeper than that, and saltwater springs forth.

 Around forty-thousand species of subtoropical trees and flowers grow in sbundance here, most remarkably palm trees.  Visitors can swim in the beach composing eastern coast of the island, and the western saide is covered mangroves which strech all the way to Iriomote.